The Hiring Process: Recruiting & Staffing

Finding the best candidate to fill a position can be a rather tedious task.  This rush to fill a spot can often lead to a “first come first serve” type of mentality.  While it can be difficult to work with a shorter staff – hiring the wrong person causes so much more damage and costs unnecessary funds in the process.

The process of recruiting and staffing a position has multiple steps. To start, we need to identify the open position in detail. The company will then post an ad on various networks and job boards and start receiving applications. Applications then go through the screening process. Next, candidates come in for an interview. Then, a new employee is hired. At a minimum, recruiting involves five major steps. That creates five points that could potentially put your company at risk. 

“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people not on strategies.”

– Lawrence Bossidy

How Beyond HR Can Help

Beyond HR can help to eliminate the hassle and risk of hiring by assisting you with the recruiting and staffing process.

We start by getting details from you about the open position. Using this information, we create a comprehensive job description.

Once a job description is ready, we post your job listing on various sources. The sources we use are specific to the job you are trying to fill. We structure the job posting to include assessment and screening questions right from the beginning.

Next, we will put all candidates through a thorough pre-screening process. We immediately eliminate problem candidates. We also conduct initial interviews to get a more “in-depth” look at the candidate's skills and personality.

Once the pre-screening process is complete we get with you to offer our feedback and insights. At this time, we recommend all clients interview all potential candidates again. During this second interview, Beyond HR can be involved in whatever capacity you prefer. We can schedule the interviews for you, participate, and send you a list of pertinent questions you should ask.

Once your interviews are over, we extend the offer, on your behalf, to the candidate of choice. We also handle all rejection letters as necessary.

Finally, once a candidate accepts, Beyond HR assists with getting the candidate on boarded by completing all necessary paperwork. Our hiring process is essentially a turn-key process that gets you from short-staffed to hired with as little disruption to your daily business schedule as possible.