Maintaining Your Accounting Data Input

To begin, no matter what business you run, there will always be accounting data input and transactions. Therefore, it is important to understand them. In short, a transaction is any event or condition that must be recorded in a business’s accounting books. This is because of its effect on the financial condition of the business. Such transactions can simply be buying or selling. Therefore, maintaining a good record of all transactions is a must for every business. As a result, you are better able to measure a business’s success. Your records should track your income, expenses, and investments on a regular basis. However, it’s easy for a business owner to get overwhelmed by everything that must be tracked. That is to say, a successful business owner understands how critical consistent accounting data input is. Especially, when it comes to planning for the future. 


Partner With Beyond HR

As your partner in business, Beyond HR can help you get and keep all your financial records in order. 

Financial Accounts and General Expenses

Are you properly accounting for your everyday expenses? Do you have your financial accounts set up with the right accounting software? 

Let Beyond HR help. To begin with, we work with you to set up and connect all your bank and credit card accounts. Next, we pull your financial data from all sources. Then, we input it into the software. Upon which we properly categorize and code those general expense transactions for you, as well.

Sales Taxes 

Are you responsible for collecting and remitting sales taxes? 

In this case, Beyond HR will handle your sales tax calculation, reporting and filing for you. 


Are you properly recording your payroll expenses? Tax liabilities? 

Whether you process payroll in house or outsource it, we will handle it. Moreover, Beyond HR will ensure that your payroll expenses and payroll tax liabilities are being properly accounted for. So, if you are processing payroll in-house we can help with monthly, quarterly and yearly mandatory tax filings.

Accounts Payable

Do your books accurately reflect your obligations to your vendors? Are you regularly reconciling your vendor statements?

In any event, Beyond HR will verify your accounts payable balances. Likewise, we will match your vendor statements and review account balances with you on a regular basis. Additionally, we will also manage your bill pay process for you. Therefore, we will ensure timely payment of all vendor invoices thereby avoiding any late fees. 

Asset Purchases 

Are you properly accounting for your assets (car, truck, equipment, inventory, etc.) at the time of purchase? 

Beyond HR will establish a process with you for timely recording of your assets. As well, any associated liabilities you may have. Then, we will make sure that all information is current and accurate in the financial statements of the company.

System Account Maintenance 

Beyond HR will maintain the accounting system chart of accounts on an ongoing basis.

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