Handbook Development

Services Offered

All handbook development services include the following options (*as add on services):

  • printing and binding
  • in person (in certain locations) or virtual presentation of a handbook to staff
  • question and answer session with employees to ease any anxiety or confusion associated with the implementation of new policies
  • all applicable employee forms signed by all employees
  • regular review and updates as needed to maintain accuracy and compliance
Handbook Development

Your employee handbook is one of your organization's most important human resource tools.  The handbook is a compilation of the policies, procedures, working conditions and behavioral expectations. These all guide your employee's actions in the workplace. Handbooks are typically given to a new employee upon hire. Usually, they include an introduction to the company and its owners, information about the mission, purposes and values of the company. It also outlines applicable state and federal laws that apply to the business and all other policies and expectations of the company.

Employees should be able to look to a handbook to understand your policies, particularly attendance expectations, employment status, promotion policies, drug and alcohol policies and much more. Handbook development and organization itself is key.

Handbooks are beneficial to employees and business owners alike.

Employees utilize their handbooks to make sure they know exactly what expectations are in the workplace. They can prepare for what type of discipline to expect if they violate company policy or act inappropriately. Employees can be sure that they will experience the same treatment as their peers. Many employees like to understand what their benefits look like at specific points during their employment tenure as well.

Employers use handbooks to describe the working conditions and behaviors they expect. Simply put, the goal of a handbook is to create a fair and peaceful work environment. Therefore, following the guidelines in the handbook allows employers to treat all employees ethically and legally fair. It helps to protect them from legal claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination and harassment claims.

Your company handbook should outline your employment policies, company rules and other key information for a successful working relationship.

At Beyond HR, we can update a pre-existing handbook or create a new handbook from scratch. Our goal is to fit it to your company's vision and policies.

As with any legal document, it's critical to make sure your handbook not only reflects the latest labor laws and social norms but is also well-received by your team. We recommend that you review your handbook, at a minimum, every year.

Not only do we offer this handbook development service as a stand-alone, but we also include handbook maintenance. This is part of our monthly human resources package. The monthly maintenance service involves our regular monitoring and updating. As a result, your handbook will meet all changing laws and policies.