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When it comes to Human Resources, you have to know your stuff. Your organization and its employees depend on you to provide accurate information. Therefore, they look to you for advice/answers on everything. For instance, government regulatory issues and benefits administration to the finer points of the employee handbook. Additionally, you have to be current on all the latest HR legal issues. Overall, you need to be an available and knowledgeable resource for employees. Similarly, you must be able to mediate internal conflicts and hire and fire personnel as necessary. With all this on your plate, you’ve got your work cut out for you. But, we can help! 

“Ignorance Of The Law Is No Excuse” 

Everyone knows this! Nevertheless, don’t let yourself or your business fall victim. You don’t want to be the victim to any legal implications that come from improper human resources management.  

What HR Can Do For You

There are many different opinions as to what Human Resources is or what HR Managers do. Human Resources is the lifeblood of a company and EVERY company touches some aspect of HR whether they realize it or not.  

HR is responsible for improving and maintaining company culture. Showing up to work every day doesn’t have to be a soul-crushing task. In fact, work can be fun, rewarding and fulfilling for everyone. Would you rather employ happy, content people or beaten down miserable ones? If you don’t have a positive company culture, you are slowly crushing your business’s future.  

Likewise, Human Resources is responsible for job training and educational development. The world we live in and technology are constantly changing. Every day there are more efficient and new ways to do the tasks we have all been doing for years. Therefore, offering on the job training and opportunities for professional and personal growth are key functions of HR and critical to any growing company.

HR is responsible for recruiting employees. Hiring staff for any company is more intense than just putting a warm body in an empty spot. Every member of the team needs to be able to carry their weight and bring something unique to the table. At the same time, a bad hire has the potential to spread like a contagious disease.  As a result, this can ruin a good workforce in an instant. Hiring involves finding the right fit culturally, along with having a positive attitude and excellent skill set. 

HR Serves As A Universal Point Of Contact  

By the same token, Human Resources is responsible for fairly and accurately defining and enforcing policies and procedures of the company. Every company has its own unique set of processes and procedures. In addition, they must abide by specific legal stipulations that relate to their particular industry and team size. However, new employees or difficult situations can often cause confusion as to how to adhere to and enforce specific policies. 

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