Business Consulting Services

Consulting services for any process in any business is important!

Processes describe how things are done. By creating and perfecting the standard processes of our business, we can achieve consistency. This makes it easier to make improvements and simplify workflows.

As business owners, you are constantly busy and might postpone starting new processes. Ultimately, those processes help us serve customers more efficiently and at lower costs. Don't let it pass you by any longer!

“An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.”

– Jack Welch

Most of the primary functions of administrative and bookkeeping work are based on standard processes.

We advocate for process development, implementation and improvement. We know that developing processes takes a lot of time and energy. With this in mind, we set out to create them for you.

When developing processes, we have three goals: 

  • Make sure your staff knows the proper steps and outcome of a specific process
  • Make efficient use of resources (time, money, raw materials, etc.)
  • Improve general workflow and quality of products, services, etc. 

Once efficient processes are in place, business owners can more easily see where inefficiencies may exist. You may discover the need for processes in areas where you didn't notice may need improvement.

Many of the service areas Beyond HR focuses on are dependent on the use of consistent processes. 

Here Are Some Examples:


Bill Pay Processes – If you need materials in order to service your customers, you should have vendors. These vendors sell you their product in exchange for money, so you need a timely bill payment process in place to make sure your vendors get paid. However, if you don't have one, you lose credibility and buying power. Ultimately, this costs you money and customers.

Invoicing Processes – You need to ensure you are collecting funds for any service or product you provide for your customer. Equally important, you need an invoicing process. You must collect payment and follow up with your customers. You won't have the funds available to stay in business very long if not. 


On-Boarding Processes – Inevitably, you will need to hire new team members to your company. You need to make sure all parties have the information they need to succeed and stay compliant. The employee needs to know the ins and outs of the company. Additionally, the state and federal government need to know tax details. Your payroll department needs to know the employee's details and such. Let us create a simple process that you can follow each time you onboard a new employee. We want you to rest assured you aren't missing any critical steps.

Disciplinary Processes – When disciplining employees for poor performance or inappropriate behavior, things can get messy quickly. In that case, you must make sure you handle your employees consistently within legal guidelines each time. By establishing a company-wide disciplinary process, you can make sure your employees know what is expected. In particular, you are also able to ensure that you are following the proper legal steps each time you have an incident to address.