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Why Should I Outsource with

Beyond HR?

You could absolutely hire an accounting clerk or a human resources generalist or both. But, it wouldn’t be the most cost-effective option for your business! To illustrate, here are a few reasons why:


Outsourcing these functions to Beyond HR saves you money. Therefore, with either a full or part-time position, you are responsible for that employee’s salary plus fringe benefits such as vacation, holiday pay and insurance contributions. Oh, and don’t forget the payroll tax burden. In other words, when you hire Beyond HR, you get the same amount of work completed at a far less cost. 


When working with Beyond HR, you are only paying for actual time worked. As a result, no money is spent on bathroom breaks, personal tasks or water cooler chats. There is no schedule coordination necessary either. That is to say, simply let us know what you need and we will deliver as soon as possible.


Beyond HR staff is made up of certified and trained professionals. By outsourcing to us, you won’t need to spend valuable time training us on processes and procedures. We are ready to dive right in immediately. 


As business owners ourselves, we understand the needs of other business owners. Therefore, we know what makes businesses thrive and fail. Instead of just showing up to collect a paycheck, we have a mutual understanding. Chiefly, we have a vested interest in seeing your business succeed. We are always ready to help and share our knowledge with you. Let us be your partners in success!


Unlike a standard employee, Beyond HR uses a built-in confidentiality clause in our engagement letters. Specifically to protect your livelihood and ours!  Don’t risk valuable trade secrets falling into the wrong hands.


By and large, commercial spaces are costly! On top of the obvious costs to hire a staff member, you need to make sure you provide the office space, phone system, computers, desks, and other necessities. Those items can all add up quickly! By outsourcing, you don’t have to worry about any of that! We have our own workspace and equipment. You only need room for the finished product.


When hiring someone, you will have to place an ad, screen and interview candidates and complete all onboarding paperwork. In truth, this process alone could easily take weeks to months. If you need bookkeeping or HR work, you don’t have valuable time to wait! By outsourcing to Beyond HR, we are ready to start within days.  

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